Misbehaving Cousins Spanked – Video

Free Video with Sarah Gregory, Miss Bernadette, Miss Iceni and Matilda Caesar from Momma Spankings.

Cousins Sarah and Matilda stayed out too late having fun and were told to return in time to go out to dinner with the family. They brush it off as no big deal when confronted by their mothers. After a stern serious scolding, each naughty young lady is taken over her own mother’s lap for a hand spanking. After this, Sarah is made to go back over the lap of her aunt Iceni. Sarah is scared and embarrassed and protests, but her mother physically places her over Miss Inceni’s lap and pulls her panties down telling her off for pulling them back up.

Sarah is given an even harder spanking with her aunt’s hand while her mom holds her legs down. Matilda is then taken over her aunt’s lap… with a leather paddling and a hairbrush spanking until she is very sorry. The punishments end with a mean hard leather paddling and hairbrush spanking for Sarah at the hands of her aunt bringing her to tears. Matilda continues to be bratty so she is taken over her aunt Bernadette’s lap simultaneously receiving more punishment. After they are sufficiently disciplined they are given hugs before being told to get ready for dinner… and all is forgiven!

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