Cheerleader Punished
Mummy Sarah finds Vicki is chatting to a man, trying to extort money, and telling him that she is being made to live with a weirdo who delights in punishing her! Sarah is not very happy with this. Vicki tries to claim that she is only trying to get some cash in order to buy her a present, but Sarah is far to wise to fall for her charms. Vicki finds herself over the knee getting her bottom spanked.

She kicks and cries but it is to no avail. Sarah is wise to her tricks and will not tolerate her behaviour. After a prolonged and painful hand spanking Vicki is sent upstairs to get ready for bed with the promise that her ordeal is far from over. Vicki in her sexy nightie she tries to seduce Sarah to avoid further punishment. Sarah is stern and explains that the rules of the house must always be followed and that as Vicki is intent upon acting like a little girl, that she must be treated like one.

This time she is going to receive the paddle. Poor Vicki has no choice. It to go over the knee and be paddled. After her punishment is over Sarah rubs some soothing cream onto her red raw cheeks. Will this grown woman ever learn?

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