Kiki and Blaire have been caught cheating in class, and it isn’t the first time. This time, they are not just given a warning… They are sent to Principal Elizabeth, who will handle this matter. The two naughty girls are scolded side by side before Blair is told to take her place over the stern educator’s lap while Kiki watches… Knowing she will be next. Blair’s panties are immediately pulled down for a well-deserved, overdue spanking from the hard hand of Miss Elizabeth.

Kiki is next while Blair watches how she must have looked, being spanked over the principal’s lap… How embarrassing! After they have been thoroughly spanked, the girls take turns over the principal’s desk for the next part of the punishment. Each of them receives ten hard strokes with the leather school strap. They are left facing the wall, panties pulled down, and sore aching bottoms on full display next to Miss Elizabeth as she returns to work at her desk.

This is a free video from Sarah Gregory Spanking, featuring a spanking scene performed by Miss ElizabethKiki Cali and Blaire Monet

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