Brush Up Your Act

Pandora has been out all night, and when she gets home she’s more than ready to fall into bed. It turns out, though, that Kelley May has been waiting up for her all night long – and a whole drama of disapproval and concern has unfolded in the meantime. Before she can finish putting together an argument, Pandora is thrown over the older girl’s lap for a blisteringly firm hand spanking – first through her skintight leggings and then on her increasingly reddened bare backside.

That’s not all Kelley has planned, though! After all, she’s had all night to decide how to respond to this sort of irresponsible behaviour. For the main event Kelley pulls out her heaviest bathbrush, and the beating that follows is enough to knock all the fight clean out of the bratty Pandora. Maybe she should take a break from partying for a while after all: with her bottom so brightly marked, none of her skimpy clubbing outfits will be able to hide it

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