Lily has had enough of her little sister’s annoying and bratty behavior. Once more, Angelica tediously claims to have taken something from Lily’s room by stating, ‘Something is missing from your room, and I am not telling you what it is.’ The older sister thinks this nonsense is an absolute bore… And it needs to stop today! Since Angelica insists on behaving like a brat she will be given the same punishment that Lily’s mother would have given her in the past…

With a spanking! The big strong sister takes Angelica right over the lap for a hard hand spanking over her shorts, and tight panties, before teaching the sassy brat a real lesson with a further spanking on her bare, quivering bottom. Angelica is shocked and embarrassed that Lily would do such a thing, as she discovers her bare buttocks turn a deep shade of burning crimson.

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