Vicki has been sent upstairs to take off her sexy dress and put on a girly little school uniform. She is now dressed like a little girl. She comes down the stairs and sits down on her Sugar Mommies knee whilst she is being reminded of all the new rules that she will have to abide by. One of these rules is regular knicker inspections. Sugar Mummy puts her hand on the crotch where she expects to find some white panties and realizes that Vicki has not put any knickers on!

What a dirty slutty thing to do. This infuriates Sarah who decides that perhaps a dose of the stingy hairbrush might remind Vicki who is in charge and how to conduct herself in future. Punishment starts over the knee but as Vicki is kicking and squirming so much, Sarah decides to make her bend over the table. Her bare bottom is high in the air and Sarah has a much better swing with that nasty brush.

The strokes are applied at a quick heavy pace and Vicki is soon gasping and begging for her ordeal to stop. Her bare cheeks are soon marked and very sore, but this does not stop Sarah from giving her the punishment that she deserves for being such a dirty filthy girl.

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