Tamsin has her friend Alora for a sleep over and they are both in their night clothes supposed to be getting to sleep. Alora however is a bit of a bully and teases Tamsin about her cuddly toys and then gets her to play a game of truth or dare. This leads to Tamsin having to show her small breasts to Alora who then shows her larger ones. It’s not long before Alora exerts her authority over Tamsin and starts to play with her breasts and then starts humping her and kissing her. Tamsin is not happy with this and then in comes Mommy Sarah.

There is going to be trouble and both girls are going to get a spanking. They have to get on hands and knees and put their bottoms in the air for their smacks and then into the humiliating diaper position where they get a very hard spanking followed by a taste of Mommy Sarah’s slipper.

Sarah sent her to a bedroom where she found a young girl’s school uniform laid out ready for her to change into. On her return she was lectured about her behavior and told there would be rules to follow. There would also be regular inspections of her panties to make sure they were always clean. Then it was time for her first spanking. She was placed over the knee, her school skirt raised, and she was spanked first on her school knickers and then on her bare bottom. A severe and painful introduction to her new life under control.

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