Samantha has hired a real estate agent (Lily Swan) to help her find the perfect modern condo with a pool and gym on-site. Instead, she is shown a lovely old-fashioned period home from the early 20th century. Samantha is livid, after all… Time is money so how dare Lily waste her time with this viewing. Her needs as the customer are not being met and she will either tell Lily’s boss or take it out on her rather attractive behind. Lily protests but ultimately is bent over and taught a lesson the old-fashioned way (after all she chose to show her customer an old-fashioned home).

Lily is spanked with Samantha’s hand and her dress is pulled up revealing that she is not wearing any panties! It’s all rather embarrassing for the young real estate agent as a wooden spoon is also used across her tight, round buttocks until they are a glowing shade of crimson. Samantha gets an apology from a very sorry, sore Lily who is thankful that her boss does not find out!

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