Gigi has been sent home from cheer practice in disgrace because she had been caught stealing from the girls’ lockers yet again! Her mom was waiting for her as she had been informed by the coach who she promised would punish her to her full extent to prevent this from happening again. Gigi knew she was in trouble seeing Mom brandishing the heavy wooden hairbrush and the next ten minutes would be humiliating and painful, but she only had herself to blame! She takes her position over the maternal lap and her bare bottom is spanked while she is scolded and reminded of how her poor behavior has serious consequences.

She apologises profusely but it’s a little too late to say sorry as she then takes a mean hairbrush spanking that has her squirming and struggling. Her bare buttocks turn a dark mottled shameful red and is told it is her final punishment regarding this matter or the authorities would be involved in the future… she is left one sorry-looking young lady, nursing her aching bottom as she reflects on the consequences of her behavior.

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