A short while ago I asked on twitter (X) if anyone anyone had been punished at school and if they had and would like to share their experiences. Mr. A. C. did just that and has added to his experiences.

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Thanks for putting online my experiences.

I love the photographs of Lady Nina Birch. She appears stern and without joy. I’m sure she wouldn’t be like that in her private life. Not so sure about Miss Sisterson although when I met her on the train she seemed at ease.

The fashions have changed since but Miss Sisterson often wore a boucle suit with kitten heels, which was of it’s time. The first photograph is typical of what I experienced with her stance and the strap being held in a way to show an intent. The boy has a familiar look of anticipation dread.

Lady Nina is strapping her boy on his bare seat, which was not Miss Sisterson’s style. And of course, having a down trouser in class was not allowed. That strap of Lady Nina’ s also appears to be of a similar length, colour and looks quite heavy.

In my first year and on return from our Christmas holidays, our form teacher announced to us that the first year science teacher had left and Miss Sisterson had taken over our lesson. More contact with the narcissist. That afternoon, we had our first science lesson with her. No need for formalities with her There was a change in her routine as she had sown a long pocket in the inside of her skirt to hold it and her strap was straight out for control. It quickly came apparent that it was new and heavier. Her Christmas present to herself! My friend, Dinkey, was sitting by the door was asked a question by her and he didn’t hear. Instead of saying “pardon”, he said “what”. Worse still, he was a happy lad with a smile and she took his familiarity as an affront. 15 minutes into the lesson, he was over for 2 strokes to test her new strap out. Happy New Year.

I’m 70 now and no, I didn’t leave my experiences of being strapped in the past. It was when my circumstances changed, in recent years, that I confronted my past. I live in South Hampshire now and started to look for a lady who I could trust with strap. I didn’t want to meet a dominatrix, only a disciplinarian. After a couple of false starts, I found a mature lady in Bournemouth who was stern and assertive but with empathy. A plus was that she was overtly feminine while knowing how to leather. It was at odds to my past, of course. but I enjoyed the stocking tops, open blouse and high heels etc. From that basis, she was able to play to a template of Miss Sisterson with the lewd naughty boy theme to ask direct questions. I would be punished for lying about looking at those stocking tops and open blouse. It more got serious on the subject of my habits early in the morning, my favourite lady at work and which adult actress caused me to splash my laptop screen etc. That’s when the trousers came down for bare bottom punishment.

Make no mistake, she too was no nonsense. I cried in front of her more than once with pain. Say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing, address her in the wrong way and I knew what the result would be. But it all came quite natural to her including knowing when I was untruthful but could quickly revert to normality.

Standing there in front her, sometimes totally naked and vulnerable after a leathering, she would allow me to embrace with her for a cathartic conclusion. I’ll never forget her.

She retired earlier this year. Make no mistake, she was a skilled disciplinarian, woman and friend. I greatly miss her.

Regards… A.C.

It seems you have found what you were looking for, a strict and caring lady to fulfil your desires and I’m sure there are many men who would love to be in your position and experience what you have experienced.

C. J.

The above images of Lady Nina Birch are courtesy of our friend Mistress Sidonia and the English Mansion

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