Her husband punished her with a caning on her bare bottom just like naughty schoolgirls used to get

Lexi Holland and Dani Synclair are called into the office of strict administrator Sky Terrapin. They were planning to take the SATs for other students, which is illegal around here. Instead of informing the authorities, Lexi and Dani suggest a caning instead. Sky agrees and has them strip nude for 18 strokes each, which they count out loud. And then another 18 strokes after that. 36 each in total. It turns out Lexi and Dani bet with other students that they could get Sky to cane them. Which they are both regretting now as they try to sit down.

These are free images from Clare Fonda 5 Sites Pass, featuring a caning scene performed by Sky Terrapin Lexi Holland and Dani Synclair,

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