There To Be Worshipped

When I watch a video of anything sexual or when I just spend time admiring my girlfriends bum it reminds me of the awesome power the female derriere exerts over us men. Oh how many of us enjoy squeezing the globes of our beloveds posterior whilst having intercourse. The joy and pleasure of feeling their juicy bums in our grasp as we give and receive pleasure.

As for strict mistresses. What sight can be more exciting than to see a sexily clad woman in stockings, suspenders and a short skirt administering punishment to someone? Preferably to a male for me, but peoples tastes do vary of course. The female rear can be worshipped by a submissive. Though I seriously enjoy the thought of seeing a mind blowing bum being reddened by a cane.

Kane has some fine fine, models on display in video and magazine format. I wonder if there’s any way you can get the stunning Louise Hodges to take part in any of your videos? That would be really good. How I should love to pleasure my body whilst dreaming of kissing those outrageously erotic globes of her bum! Either while she’s giving, or receiving, discipline.

Regards S.

Now there’s a thing. Many years ago while my dad was still alive but not very well, a friend of mine went through all of the letters and documents that he had placed in many box files. Amongst the many letters was one from a Louise Hodges who said she was looking for video. We contacted Louise but she denied sending the letter even though we had it in our hands. Had she been in the same room as us would have no doubt ripped our heads off.

My thoughts are she thought Kane faked marks on bums like Janus did and wasn’t happy with being spanked for real.



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