Dear Linda,

I spent a day in London earlier this year and bought an evening paper to pass away some time on my homeward rail journey, and while idly reading the classified ads I noticed one placed by a “Kissogram” agency which offered the usual variations, some very appealing — French Maid, Schoolgirl, Naughty Nun, etc. Well, we have kissogram agencies up here in Manchester, but this particular agency offered something completely new to me — “spankagrams”! You had to phone for details; so I never discovered what they had on offer; but do you know anything about these?

I must admit I spent a goodly part of my return journey fantasising what it would be like if I sent you a “spankagram”. Can you imagine it – 

 The doorbell rings; you go to answer it — and there stands a luscious girl of eighteen all flushed and wearing a complete schoolgirl uniform!

“I’ve been a naughty girl. Miss,” she lisps, “— and I’ve been sent to you for punishment.”

I’m sure your initial shock would soon give wav to your natural spanking urges — to say the least’. So the young madam is whisked into your living room — and very quickly finds herself face down over your lap with pigtails swinging as her gymslip goes one way and her white cotton knicks the other! And what a pert little bottom she’s got — oh, yes. I’d insist they sent a girl round who possessed a real peach of a bum! And then the spanking begins — and I just know you’d soon have the girl wishing she’d taken a more mundane job behind a counter in Marks & Sparks or something. And despite her protests later that this was a spankagram and not a caneagram I doubt she’d be able to prevent you thrusting her over a chair-back for six of the very best!

Or —

The doorbell rings — only this time standing there is a stern and majestic redhead in black leather skirt who whisks you into your living room. No matter what you do or say you soon find yourself roughly hauled across her leather-clad thighs. Your bottom is bared and she proceeds to unleash a furious, stinging attack on your wiggling bare rump with the standard-issue paddle. This could be highly embarrassing if your sexy next door neighbour had popped round for coffee and a chat prior to the ring of the doorbell!

Well, Linda, I’ll leave it to you to tell us which variation you’d prefer. But if possible I’d love to know if you know more about this “spankagram” service.

Phil. Manchester.

Linda replies:

     Well, Phil, this is the first I’ve heard about it, and if you’re not pulling my leg it sounds a super idea! And yes I’d LOVE to receive a “spankagram”! Mmmmm, I’ll say!

     But which would I prefer? Difficult choice — can’t I have both? Anyway, you can be sure I’ll make inquiries, and when I find out more about these “spankagrams” I’ll let you know!


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