I’ve Been Spanked And Caned!

Dear Josie.
My husband has told me to write to you, as he thinks it will help me atone for my recent transgression for which I have just been caned I have enclosed a couple of photographs of me bending over the back of an easy – chair, again as instructed These were taken just before I received my caning, fifteen strokes on my poor bottom. The reason I’ve been caned: I parked his precious car on a double yellow line and it was towed away.

I am forty and have been married for five years. Before I wed. I was already familiar with his attitude to CP as he had deliberately informed me he was not a man to stand for any nonsense, and that I would find myself bent over his knee if I misbehaved.

The first time he spanked me was approximately three months after our wedding We were attending his company’s annual dinner and dance. I had been dreading it for months, but like a good little wife I did my duty and accompanied him. But all did not go well. Halfway through the evening he introduced me to his boss, a short, dumpy little man who reminded me of the pompous. Captain Mainwaring His bosses wife was no better I really don’t know why I was so catty. but I asked his boss if he was a bachelor and if that was the reason his mother was accompanying him. Later I embarrassed him by being rude to one of the waitresses who was serving the meal. This totally ruined his evening. The result of my behaviour was we made our excuses and left early.

As we drove home he left me in little doubt as to what was going to happen when we got there When we arrived he immediately told me to go upstairs, fetch my wooden backed hairbrush and to meet him in the dining-room. A few moments later, hairbrush in hand. I came downstairs to be met by the sight of him sitting on a high backed chair in the centre of the dining-room He beckoned me towards him and when I was within his reach he took the hairbrush from me. Before I knew what was happening I was face down across his knee having my skirt raised and panties pulled down to the tops of my stockings, and then, at the age of thirty-five I received my first spanking I was spanked slowly and methodically. Not only did he slap my buttocks, he also smacked my thighs, and in no time had me reduced to tears. From then on I have been spanked, or caned, whenever I transgress or displease him Thankfully I am not caned all that often, perhaps only two or three times a year at the most.

Even though I have received many a sore bottom and shed quite a few tears. I love my husband very much and respect him for having the courage to chastise me when I deserve it.

Yours faithfully, with love and kisses on the bottom.

Somewhere in Watford

* * * * * * * * * *

Thanks for the pictures Sharon, looks like you have a nice red and toasty bum there but next time I want to see some stripes.


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