Saturday Nights Are For Strapping Troublemakers

Her beautiful blonde hair cascades down her back, long enough to reach the voluptuous curves of her hips and soft round bottom. The juicy round cheeks are framed by a black lace thong, turned up for a lengthy Saturday Night Strapping. The crack of leather echoes off the walls, punctuated by her cries as the strap finds its mark over and over. Angry red welts are painted on alabaster skin, flushing hot. The strapping colors her from the top of her ass crack to her sit spots, filled in and painted over meticulously.

Periodically, his hands caress her punished flesh, checking his progress and reassuring her. Replacing with a wider strap, the tempo increases, the flush of her tender bottom darkens exponentially. His finger slide into the sides of her panties, firmly honking them down to her thighs for the remainder of her discipline to come.


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