Posing Punishment For Lily

Lily Swan is back in another of our popular ‘Exercise & Discipline’ series – but this one has a slight twist. Lily actually does fitness bikini posing for real, and this is one of the beautiful sparkly competition bikinis that she uses. This film starts with her posing and practicing the many movesets in front of a huge mirror. She loses track of time as a group of friends are coming round for dinner later and John arrives home early to help her set up. However, although the sight of Lily looking hot and posing in a sassy style is most alluring, John reminds her of what she should have been doing.

They message their friends that the dinner will be delayed then Lily continues to sass him, most probably due to the excessive posing, and she soon finds herself over his lap for a spanking. To be honest, it is the perfect excuse for him as she looks stunning in that skimpy costume and she has such a spankable bottom! Soon her cheeks are starting to turn a glorious red and he decides to have some fun with the posing punishment routine. He removes her bikini bottom and then continues to spank her hard with his hand until he decides to use the mirror for some more interesting fun.

He bends her over so she can see herself, spread and exposed as he continues to spank her sore cheeks, then he asks her to continue with her posing as he spanks her some more. This is all getting rather hot for John who is losing track of time too and he tells her to practice her moves while he takes a much-needed cold shower so that he will be able to help her set up for their friends coming over later that evening.

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