Not Dressed Like That

Willow has been exploring: figuring out what she thinks looks cute on her, how she feels about the attention she can garner as her hemlines creep up and up. She knows full well what naughty girls get in her house, though – and it isn’t cookies. Clara doesn’t like having to administer such a sound spanking, but sometimes it’s the only way. With Willow’s skirt leaving nothing about her pretty white knickers to the imagination, it’s all too easy to give her a glowing red bum before making her get changed.

When she’s found herself some more suitable attire, it’s time for Clara to make sure she’s learned her lesson with one more round of hand-spanking right on the bare. This is a loving, nurturing scene as much as a strict one – and for once it does seem like Willow has learned the error of her ways!

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