Naughty Teacher Spanked

Miss Audrey has been invited over by Bernadette, the mother of one of her students. Audrey has no idea what this is all about but she assumes it is to discuss the progress of Bernadette’s son. There is a big surprise for Audrey when she finds out what the visit is really about. She has been dressing inappropriately as a school teacher and flirting with many of the students, especially Bernadette’s son. After a stern talking-to… Which includes threats to get her fired, Audrey agrees to accept corporal punishment from this angry mother who wishes to take care of the matter at hand.

It is embarrassing to be taken across the knee like a naughty little girl but she learns her lascivious behavior is unacceptable and she should know better. The lesson is learned properly when a wooden hairbrush is used across the teacher’s sore red bottom. Bernadette hopes that her discipline will make this naughty teacher see reason in the future.

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