My Stepmom’s A Bitch

Opal has been really pouty and an obnoxious brat around her new stepmother (Audrey Sugarsmak) and resents her presence in the house. She is particularly hostile to her when they are alone and her doting Pops is away on business. Audrey discussed this with her new husband and he told her to deal with her the old fashioned way like he used to… With a spanking and whatever else was needed. This is music to Audrey’s ears and the next time that Opal arrives home and in a foul mood with her, she gets a shock as Audrey tells her precisely what is going to happen.

Opal calls her a ‘bitch’ several times and continues to do so even when she is in the precarious position of being over her stepmother’s lap, having her now bare bottom spanked. It has been so long since Opal last had a spanking that her bottom marks easily, revealing the beautiful telltale red speckling of a well-smacked bottom. She even has the indignity of having her ear pulled like a naughty girl which is really embarrassing, and what’s next really teaches the rebellious stepdaughter a memorable lesson.

Audrey wields the cane, ensuring Opal’s already sore red bottom receives more punishment with the stinging rattan rod. She is bent over the couch to receive a dozen swats before being told to expect more if she continues to behave this way! Audrey plays the perfect new trophy wife/stepmother… And Opal has the perfect look of the rebellious ‘daddy’s girl’.
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He bends her over so she can see herself, spread and exposed as he continues to spank her sore cheeks, then he asks her to continue with her posing as he spanks her some more. This is all getting rather hot for John who is losing track of time too and he tells her to practice her moves while he takes a much-needed cold shower so that he will be able to help her set up for their friends coming over later that evening.


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