My First Spanking With Ginger

The very first time I was fortunate enough to spank it was spank a very lovely professional lady who went by the name of Ginger and worked in a house specialising in S&M services. Ginger was tall and statuesque with very fine features and an educated voice. I discussed the scenario with her before hand in great detail, explaining that I wanted her to play the part of my errant secretary, who is faced with losing her employment but who then suggests a more novel arrangement to assuage her boss’s displeasure. It was already greatly exciting to discuss my spanking fantasy with such a lovely lady, right down to what she should wear, how her punishment would progress, the implements to be employed and what special attention and relief I required once I had attended to her bottom.

This already had got me highly turned on of course and I already had an extremely impressive erection when I went away to shower, whilst Ginger went to prepare herself.

I waited in a very agreeable room with a big bed, mirrors and a large array of spanking implements. As I waited for Ginger, I tried some of these straps and canes out, racking away at one of the pillows, imaging the lithe and lovely Ginger, writhing away as I spanked her bottom. This of course did nothing to relieve the tension in my old chap, which was now throbbing almost painfully and desperate to be released from the confines of my trousers.

Eventually there was a knock at the door and in strode Ginger, looking very secretarial, in a crisp white blouse and a lovely black skirt, with black stockings and killer heels. Although I did not think it possible, my member seemed to increase even further in size and was creating a huge bulge in my trousers. I took a deep breath, tried to calm down and entered into the spirit of the roleplay.

Ginger was perfect and became alluringly submissive. Eventually she was over my lap and the punishing of her fabulous ass could begin. I started slowly and steadily so as to warm her buttocks up prior to bearing that fabulous ass. My hand beat a steady and firm tattoo across the seat of her tight skirt, and soon Ginger was bucking up and down on my lap as the intensity increased. Of course this only served to heighten my trouser arousal, and by the time I raised her skirt to reveal sheer black stockings, taut suspenders and matching black lace panties, I was near bursting point. I began to spank her over her very sexy panties in seventh heaven, at seeing how red and glowing her flawless skin had already become. I realised that I had no chance of prolonging things downstairs and suddenly, with a loud groan I erupted into my underwear, with a very satisfying and shuddering climax.

Of course I was embarrassed at my lack of self control, but Ginger, who was a perfect lady, seemed flattered at the effect she had had on me. She fetched tissues and towels, got down on her knees, opened my trousers and quickly and skillfully cleaned up an impressive amount of warm and gooey semen.

Then she popped back over my lap and we recommenced. I was soon back on form and spanked away with abandonment, once I got her panties at half-mast. After her backside had turned a deep shade of red, she draped herself over a chair and offered herself up for a firm strapping, before we concluded with a dozen strokes of the cane, which I greatly enjoyed. I was mesmerized by the white lines each stroke raised on her bum and how quickly it turned red. At her instruction I took my time, carefully positioning each stroke and allowing the full impact to be felt before applying the next one. Finally I applied some soothing cream to her sizzling bottom, before we retired to the bed, where I was able to fully enjoy her womanly charms, having of course already erupted earlier. We had a long and very intense coupling on the bed before I once again satiated my lust, this time deeply inside the lovely Ginger, instead of over my clothes. I went back many times after and invariably asked for Ginger…


P. Platt


Kane Magazine by Harrision Marks

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