I Spanked My Wife Again

Kane Reader Mike's Well Spanked Wife

Dear Josie,

I’m dropping you a quick line to let you know that I had to spank my wife again.

This time it was for not doing her coursework when she was meant to. I sent her up stairs to strip off and display her fantastic bottom for me when I was ready.  A short while later I followed and got one of my favourite implements, a 14” plastic shoe horn. She received 10 smacks which she said stung like hell.

I know to some a shoe horn may be a bit strange but it is in the top three for me, the cane being number one and the paddle at number three. Maybe some of your readers might give it a go. I’ve enclose some pictures of her bottom after her punishment and I hope from now on she will keep on top of her college work.

Yours faithfully


Kane Reader Mike's Well Spanked Wife

Kane Reader Mike’s Well Spanked Wife


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