Helena Thrashed With The Hairbrush

As Helena is coming in from school, her mother Miss Woods greets her at the door holding a hairbrush. She questions Helena about the racket she heard in the morning and she said that a neighbour just spoke to her while she was running to the school bus. Her mother has already spoken with the angry neighbour, so she asks what Helena said back to him and the girl admits that she lost her temper and cursed at him. This sort of embarrassing behavior will not be tolerated, and she is sent to her room to wait for a spanking.

Mom comes in and makes Helena raise her skirt while she pulls down her panties to completely bare her bottom. Helena cries and squirms as her mother scolds her and spanks her bare bottom hard to make sure her behavior improves. She finishes the punishment with a good thrashing with the hairbrush. Helena is left to lay on the bed rubbing her sore bottom for awhile.

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