You Got What You Wanted 31st March, 2022 Girls’ School Punishments 31st March, 2022
My bad Wife 31st March, 2022 Spanking A Seductress 31st March, 2022
Fat Bottomed Girl Gets The Cane 30th March, 2022 Caned by Mister Kain 30th March, 2022
Paddled on Her Big Bare Bum 29th March, 2022 Strapped and Caned At School 29th March, 2022
Just One Beer 28th March, 2022 Drunks Get Caned and Plugged 28th March, 2022
Do Not Smoke! 27th March, 2022 The Private Lesson 27th March, 2022
Sisters Disagreement 26th March, 2022 Punishing Lazy Housekeepers 26th March, 2022
Nudist Beach Sex Equals Hard Spanking 25th March, 2022 The Honey Bunch Spanked OTK 25th March, 2022
The Handy Cam Spank 24th March, 2022 Bad Schoolgirls Strapped 24th March, 2022
Caned For Sucking Cock 23rd March, 2022 Truant Schoolgirls Get The Cane 23rd March, 2022
Wine and Punishment 22nd March, 2022 Sisters Spanked Together 22nd March, 2022
Mercedes Gets The Paddle 21st March, 2022 Paddled At Work 21st March, 2022
Stripped And caned 20th March, 2022 Nurses Knickers Taken Down 20th March, 2022
The New Punishment Cane 20th March, 2022 Premium Spanker 20th March, 2022
Sore and Striped 20th March, 2022 Little Thief 20th March, 2022
Chastising Cupid 19th March, 2022 The Bad Girl’s Paddle 19th March, 2022
Goodnight Sweetheart 19th March, 2022 Grandpa Punishes 19th March, 2022
A Stern Caning 19th March, 2022 A Sore Bottom For Jasmine 19th March, 2022
The School Test 17th March, 2022 Absent and Punished 17th March, 2022
Real Tears, Real Punishment 17th March, 2022 The School Nurse 17th March, 2022
The Lazy Maid 16th March, 2022 The Big Black Paddle 16th March, 2022
Paying The Price 15th March, 2022 Kiki’s Beating 15th March, 2022
Beating The Competition 15th March, 2022 Punished By Her Godfather 15th March, 2022
The Runaways 15th March, 2022 The Lying Daughter 15th March, 2022
What’s in Store For You Girl 15th March, 2022 Melody’s Initiation 15th March, 2022
Naughty Red Bottoms 14th March, 2022 The Naughty Lodgers 14th March, 2022
Late Again Caning 14th March, 2022 Summer Spankings 14th March, 2022
I have a Strict Mother 14th March, 2022 Leather Strap Punishment 14th March, 2022
We Do Not Want To Go To School 13th March, 2022 Jill’s First Spanking 13th March, 2022
Mobile Phone Bills 13th March, 2022 Without Her Knickers 13th March, 2022
The Pleasure is Mine 13th March, 2022 Money With Menaces 13th March, 2022
Eryn’s Thorough Strapping  13th March, 2022 Real Punishment 13th March, 2022
Lucy Feels The Crop 12th March, 2022 Money With Menaces 12th March, 2022
Memories of The Strap 12th March, 2022 Bedroom Beatings 12th March, 2022
Pain is The Best Medicine  11th March, 2022 Suzanne Feels The Belt 11th March, 2022
How it All Began 10th March, 2022 Holiday Treats 10th March, 2022
Strap Her Cheeks Red Raw 9th March, 2022 Does it Really Hurt 9th March, 2022
A God Fearing Christian Girl 8th March, 2022 OTK For Misty 8th March, 2022
Riding The Crop 7th March, 2022 Milf Tastes the Paddle 7th March, 2022
Medical Problems Cured 7th March, 2022 Double Trouble 7th March, 2022
Paddling April 6th March, 2022 Caned At Midnight 6th March, 2022
Dared To Do It 6th March, 2022 Paddle Punishment 6th March, 2022
The Flogging Post  6th March, 2022 Belting Her Secretary 6th March, 2022
The Warm Up 6th March, 2022 Spanked And Caned At School 6th March, 2022
The Governor’s Revenge 5th March, 2022 The Gift 5th March, 2022
Stable Girl’s Spanking 5th March, 2022 Paula’s Punishment 5th March, 2022
Does The Paddle Sting? 5th March, 2022 Red Top Red Bottom 5th March, 2022
Jessica’s Hard Belting 4th March, 2022 Bottoms Up Tiana 4th March, 2022
The Lazy Maid’s Caning 4th March, 2022 The Book Thief 4th March, 2022
Cross Country Run 3rd March, 2022 Rachel’s Bedtime Spanking 3rd March, 2022
Late Home 3rd March, 2022 Bound And Beaten 3rd March, 2022
The Wrong Room 2nd March, 2022 The Naughty Nanny 2nd March, 2022
Lesbian Spanking Lovers 1st March, 2022 Jessica Fox Spanked OTK 1st March, 2022
The Punishment of Mother Superior 1st March, 2022 Tiana’s First Spanking 1st March, 2022
The Paddle For A Cheeky Girl 28th Feb 2022 Spanked in Her Denim Shorts 28th Feb, 2022
Her First Paddling 28th Feb 2022 A Hard Caning For A Partying Wife 28th Feb, 2022
Naughty Horsey Girl 27th Feb 2022 Naughty April Gets Paddled 27th Feb, 2022
Alex Feels The Sting of The Crop 27th Feb 2022 Spanked By A Stranger 27th Feb, 2022
Suzanne’s Big Bare Bum Gets Paddled 26th Feb 2022 A Very Strange Doctor 26th Feb, 2022
Too Marked for Spanking 26th Feb 2022 The Man From The Ministry 26th Feb, 2022
Pain is The Best Medicine 26th Feb 2022 Lucy Feels The Crop 26th Feb, 2022
Money With Menaces 26th Feb 2022 You Are Mine For Pleasure 26th Feb, 2022
Night Howls 26th Feb 2022 A Very Strange Doctor 26th Feb, 2022
I’m Going to Cane You Kiki 25th Feb 2022 Satine Pays The Price 25th Feb, 2022
Flogged and Caned 24th Feb 2022 June Is Lost 24th Feb, 2022
Short Notice Help 24th Feb 2022 A Master Class 24th Feb 2022
The Silly Maid 24th Feb 2022 Heather Pays A Visit 24th Feb 2022
Kissagram caned 24th Feb 2022 Latex Nurse Punished 24th Feb 2022
Laura Paddled at the House of Correction 24th Feb 2022 Sexy Cleaner Lolani Spanked OTK 24th Feb 2022
Naked Kitchen Spanking 24th Feb 2022 She Gets What She Wants 24th Feb 2022
Seductress Gets a Spanking 24th Feb 2022 A Caning for Kali 24th Feb 2022
Paddled by Mr Stern 24th Feb 2022 Smart Lady Punished 24th Feb 2022
Naughty Nurse Caned 24th Feb 2022 Amelia Gets The Cane  24th Feb 2022
The Red Paddle  24th Feb 2022 Katrina’s School Punishment 24th Feb 2022
Suzanne’s Severe Caning 24th Feb 2022 The Caning of a Lazy Maid 24th Feb 2022
Paddled in Black 24th Feb 2022 Jasmin The Lazy Maid 24th Feb 2022
School For Schoolgirls Amber Scott, Jane Gordon, Fanny White & Larry Barnes MF/FF 31st March, 2022
How To Spank Your Secretary Sue Ellis & Keith Wally M/F 30th March, 2022
Raw and Sore Anne Proto, Paula Meadows & David Baker MF/F 29th March, 2022
Rebecca’s Punishment Strapping Brandi Bailey & Steve Bickers M/F 28th March, 2022
The Caning of Maid Morgan Teresa May & Morgan F/F 27th March, 2022
Head Girl Gets Her Bum Warmed KaraJayne Dempsey & Harold Forder M/F 26th March, 2022
Punishing Games Sally Cavendar, Stephanie Walters & Peter Hooper MFF/F 25th March, 2022
The Caning of Stephanie Sally Cavendar & Stephanie Walters F/F 24th March, 2022
Spanked in The Bath Anne Proto & Mary Jane F/F 23rd March, 2022
Discipline in The Office Morgan, Janie & Elizabeth Simpson F/FF 22nd March, 2022
Secretary’s Spanking Part 1 Ms Harrison Marks & Rose Chapman F/F 21st March, 2022
Treated Like A Naughty Schoolgirl Jean Bradley & Steve Bickers M/F 20th March, 2022
Janie’s 36 Stroke Punishment Caning Janie & Master Kain M/F 19th March, 2022
Disrespectful Daughter Yvonne Carey & Eddie Dart M/F 18th March, 2022
Miss Flanagan’s Flogging Master Kain & Dublin O’Brien M/F 17th March, 2022
New Girl’s Punishment Elizabeth Simpson, Sam Johnson & Sally Cavendar FF/F 16th March, 2022
The Witnesses Steve Bickers, Samantha, Rachel Lloyd & John Rundell M/F 15th March, 2022
Spank The Bitch Sue Ellis, Anne Proto & Mary Jane FF/F 14th March, 2022
Payment in Kind Sara Beauchamp & Earl Grey M/F 13th March, 2022
Sue’s Hard Spanking Sue Ellis & Dave Mason M/F 12th March, 2022
Jay’s Punishing Holiday Jay & David Alexander M/F 11th March, 2022
Even More Tears Samantha, Lucy McClean & Master Kain M/FF 10th March, 2022
A Hard Caning For Samantha Sam Johnson & Master Kain M/F 9th March, 2022
Tears of Regret Sam Johnson & Master Kain M/F 8th March, 2022
Misty’s Big Mistake Misty & David Alexander M/F 7th March, 2022
Paula’s Punishment Paula Meadows, Anne Proto & David Baker M/FF 6th March, 2022
Cheating Housewives Rachel Lloyd, Sam Johnson & Master Kain M/FF 6th March, 2022
Spanking Seance Kelly Hearn & Sue Ellis F/F 6th March, 2022
Night Howls JoJo & Steve Bickers M/F 5th March, 2022

Intervention Gallery Video 20th March, 2022
The Professional Disciplinarian Gallery Video 19th March, 2022
Spanked All Week Gallery Video 18th March, 2022
Finishing School Gallery Video 17th March, 2022
Bedtime Beatings Gallery Video 16th March, 2022
Belt Whipped Beauty Gallery Video 15th March, 2022
My Naughty Sister Gallery Video 14th March, 2022
Spank My Lady Parts Gallery Video 13th March, 2022
Razor Strop Strapping Gallery Video 12th March, 2022
The Governor’s Revenge  Gallery Video 11th March, 2022
The Book Thief Gallery Video 10th March, 2022
Bound, Beaten and Plugged Gallery Video 9th March, 2022
Schoolgirls Get Their Bare Bottoms Bruised Gallery Video 8th March, 2022
Late Home Gallery Video 7th March, 2022
Cross Country Run Gallery Video 6th March, 2022
The Gift Gallery Video 5th March, 2022
Schoolgirls Get Their Bare Bottoms Bruised Gallery Video 4th March, 2022
Caned At Midnight Gallery Video 3rd March, 2022
Janie’s School Paddling Gallery Video 2nd March, 2022
Suzanne Suffers The Cane Gallery Video 1st March, 2022
Spanked and Caned by Grandpa Gallery Video 1st March, 2022
An Issue With Pain Gallery Video 28th Feb, 2022
Miss Baker Feels The Sting of The Strap Gallery Video 28th Feb, 2022
Amy Fox is Strapped For Cash Gallery Video 27th Feb, 2022
Night School Punishment Gallery Video 27th Feb, 2022
The Judge Orders a Thrashing Gallery Video 26th Feb, 2022
Cheating Housewives Spanked and Caned Gallery Video 26th Feb, 2022
Housewife Gets Her Bare Bottom Paddled Gallery Video 25th Feb, 2022
Milla’s Terrible Punishment Gallery Video 24th Feb, 2022
The Debt Collector Gallery Video 23nd Feb, 2022
The Punishment of Tindra The Maid Gallery Video 22nd Feb, 2022
Emily Jane’s School Caning Gallery Video 21st Feb, 2022
I Got it Wrong Gallery video 20th Feb, 2022
A Painful Bet Gallery Video 19th Feb, 2022
Punished for Failure Gallery Video 18th Feb, 2022
Caning the Cleaner Gallery Video 17th Feb, 2022
Further Punishment Called For Gallery Video 17th Feb, 2022
Amelia Jane at St. Justs Academy Gallery Video 16th Feb, 2022
New Rules at St. Justs Academy Gallery Video 16th Feb, 2022
Porn and Pain Gallery Video 16th Feb, 2022
She Needs Bringing Into Line Gallery Video 15th Feb, 2022

Janie Watts AKA Brigalla Spanked

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