Amy’s Cancún Caning

The following film is based on actual events from a couple of years ago on a getaway vacation to sunny Cancún in Mexico. Amy, John, and Sarah shared a luxury villa apartment and despite Amy’s promises to keep her area clean, this soon deteriorated into being a pigsty. John had warned her a few times as it ruined the feel-good factor of being in such a nice place. Amy, as you will know, is a super brat… who delights in answering back to him when threatened with “sticks” (their favorite name for canes).

Well, the sticks are coming out whether she believes it or not, and her smirks and joking soon disappear when he tells her he means business! Laid out on “her pit” (the messy bed), she receives 2 sets of 12 hard cold cane strokes in a no-nonsense punishment. Watch gorgeous Amy take her caning in this amusing but eye-watering punishment that not many girls like Amy can actually take. See for yourselves, do you think she deserved this caning?

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