A Strapping Tale

A few years ago, I was staying with a couple named Dave and Pam, both who were in their late twenties to mid thirties. Dave was tall and muscular; Pam was a little shorter, and what I would describe as being attractively, plump, especially around the rear!

After I had been staying with them for a short while, it transpired that we all had one thing in common, and that was an interest in spanking! In fact, when Dave and Pam had rowed, they would invariably have a spanking session to clear the air. Pam would even occasionally take a strapping on her bare bottom!

One evening, I arrived from work and went into the sitting room to find that Pam was looking rather glum. Apparently they had argued seriously and in order to clear the atmosphere, Pam had agreed to take a strapping with Dave’s belt. But that was not all. Dave had insisted that I witness Pam’s punishment.

At first I thought it was a wind up, but Dave disappeared upstairs and quickly returned with his broad leather belt clutched tightly in his hand. Although I was dying to see Pam soundly thrashed, I felt quite uncomfortable and turned towards her. I wanted to say that her punishment should be carried out in private, but before I could open my mouth she stood up, walked over to me, placed her index finger to her lips and put me at ease by saying, I want you to watch.

I gazed dumb-struck as Pam turned and walked towards a chair which was placed in the middle of the room. Her shapely backside jiggling from side to side as she walked. Deliberately and with grace, she took hold of the hem of her dress and lifted it to her waist, revealing to my stare her plump, knicker clad bum. Putting her fingers inside her pants, she slowly eased them over her rotundities and lowered them to mid thigh. The sight was absolutely breathtaking. Her naked bottom was lily-white, it looked even lovelier, chubbier and even more expansive now she was bent over the back of the chair.

Dave doubled his belt and raised it above his head, and brought it down to land with a resounding crack across Pam’s fleshy bare backside. Stoically Pam gripped the sides of the chair seat tightly, and bent over a little further to receive the next stroke. The belt descended again with a crack even louder than the first. Dave continued to crack the broad belt across Pam’s unprotected posterior, causing her cheeks to wobble like a blancmange! Pam was not only taking her punishment with great self-restraint, she seemed to be enjoying it. I noticed that after each stroke landed she pushed her backside out a little more to eagerly await the next punishing stroke.

After Pam had taken about twenty strokes, she stood up and rubbed her roseate rear. While she was massaging her soreness, Dave informed her that when she had soothed her backside sufficiently, he was going to give her another ten strokes for luck! A few moments later, Pam was again bending over the chair, thrusting out her well rounded posterior eagerly awaiting the stinging kiss of Dave’s belt. Although Pam remained firmly in position while the last ten strokes were delivered, she was now beginning to sob a little.

Finally her chastisement was over. Pam remained bent over the chair while Dave gently rubbed cold cream into her now tender rear. After ten minutes of this treatment she stood up, adjusted her clothing and warmly embraced Dave. While they were hugging each other, Pam, albeit sobbing quietly, thanked him for her punishment. But it was evident that she had enjoyed receiving it as much as he had enjoyed giving it. Thankfully I was to witness several more of Pam’s strappings during my stay, and was truly sorry when the time came for me to leave. Women like Pam must be a rare breed.

I have a lot of admiration for Pam, and any lady who can take a severe belting on her backside. If there are any more ladies who have a tale to tell, I urge them to write to you, as I would love to read about it.

JM, Ealing W5

Just for the record , JM. Women who like to have their rear’s reddened are not as rare as you think! Many of our Kane girls featured do it for love; not money, and my close circle of friend’s consists of at least nine girls who enjoy having their bums warmed by a Herculean hand.


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