A Schoolgirl’s Revenge

Schoolgirl Alex is tired of getting spanked, seemingly all the time by her horrible teacher, Miss Morgan. Some things are about to change, however… Internet research has yielded some very naughty photos of the sexy Miss Morgan, which Alex will use to blackmail the teacher. Having asked Miss Morgan to call on her at home, Alex shows her the photos and threatens to show them to the School Board. Her price for not doing so is: 1) no more spankings for Alex, 2) top marks in all tests, and 3) Alex is going to give Miss Morgan a taste of her own medicine!

In no situation to disagree, Whitney accepts Alex’s terms and swiftly finds herself over the schoolgirl’s lap, receiving the kind of painful and humiliating spanking she delights in giving to others. Revenge is sweet and, in this case, served hot upon Miss Morgan’s bottom!

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