A Reader Remembers

Dear Josie,

Having just purchased four copies of your magazine “Kane” from a specialist shop in Sheffield, I thought I would write to you and let you know how much I enjoy them, and tell you my personal feelings on the subject.

Here goes.

I get quite excited by the thought of a girl bending over for a good spanking. I think this stems from memories of my childhood days. When I attended what used to be called, Junior School, our class teacher, Mr Deady, who incidentally was the deputy headmaster, was responsible for administering corporal punishment when necessary. This was back in the mid-seventies, when corporal punishment was permitted in state schools.

The class I was in wasn’t excessively large, as there was only about twenty-eight pupils, roughly half boys and half girls. Mr Deady normally had cause to carry out a punishment, what the boys nicknamed “the whack!” two or three times a week. That makes it sound as if we were a boisterous class, but we were not, we were just normal healthy kids. Getting the whack involved having to leave your seat, go to the front of the classroom and in front of all the other pupils touch your toes, then you would be walloped on your backside! (It was always only one slap) you then returned to your seat.

As the school year progressed, we realised that it was only the boys who were spanked, never the girls! As a result, the boys began to discuss this at break-time, and we wondered if we would ever be treated to the sight of one of the girls touching her toes. One particular girl, Susan Griffiths (who could be described as the “Belle of the class”) was the collective favourite. She was a stunner! I can still vividly remember her long red hair and lovely cute face.

It was a cold winter’s afternoon; our class was watching a film on a subject I can’t recall. As usual, there was a certain amount of talking going on and twice Mr Deady stopped the film and ordered “hands on heads”! The second time he ordered this he told us that the next person to speak would get the slipper. Some four to five minutes later he stopped the film, turned on the classroom lights and said, ‘Susan Griffiths, was that you talking just now? ‘Yes Sir,’ Susan replied timidly. At this point, my friends and I thought our dreams had come true, but sadly, it was not to be, as Mr Deady told her sharply, ‘Well if you do it again, I will slipper you!’ Needless to say, she remained completely quite for the duration rest of the afternoon.

Although this happened some twenty-five years hence, that memory still remains with me. I don’t think it is any form of “revenge”, but as I previously said, the thought of a female having to bend over for her punishment still gets me excited.

Before I close, I must say that the lady who plays Trixy in the feature “Housewives Choice” and who is Kane sixty-five’s cover girl is most lovely and has a most beautiful and innocent looking face. I hope you will be featuring her again.

A.J.B., Sheffield.

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