Pain Game Nude Edition

The ever-radiant (or radiating) Stevie Rose visits to play ‘The Pain Game’ (No Pain, No Game) for the first time. She agrees to the first ever nude edition, where she will be stripped nude, and pulls up her short jeans skirt to show off her pantyless bare bottom to the camera at her former Daddy’s request before starting her card adventure. She draws the 2 Kings in a reasonable amount of time, but even in that short time, still manages to also pull cards for an immediate one minute hand spanking, a hairbrushing, and a strap, among other implements of discipline.

In Part 1, Stevie draws her cards after the rules are explained to her and she draws an immediate bare bottom 1 minute hand spanking over Kyles knee right at the start. With a glowing red bottom, she continues to draw and earn spanks until the 2nd King is pulled, ending the game and allowing her to go back over Kyles knee after removing her skirt completely for a long hand spanking that leaves the poor girl yelping and pleading. Then, he tells her to fetch the heavy wooden hairbrush to continue with her punishment.

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