The Games Couples Play ~ The Maid

The first time we met Jean Bradley was at a Kane spanking at a secret location in London’s Paddington. I had spoken to Jean many times on the telephone as she wanted to come to one of our spanking parties with her husband but was a little nervous. My how things have changed as she has been in many of our videos both being spanked and spanking others.

All Steve wanted to do when he arrived home from a hard days graft was to sit down and enjoy a cool beer before his dinner was served. Looking up through his tired eyes he thought his mind was playing tricks on him as he saw a woman dressed as a maid. Surely he thought, I’ve dozed off and this is a dream, but it wasn’t. His wife had had enough of listening to her friends tell each other how they were spanked by their husbands and how much they enjoyed it. Now she wanted a piece of the action and this was just the beginning.

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