Riley Anne Spanked for Starting Rumors

Teacher Clare Fonda calls the super cute Riley Anne into her office and accuses her of spreading rumours. Riley denies it, so Clare decides to get to the bottom of matters by putting Riley over her knee for a long, sound spanking on her bare bottom. Clare even rubs cream on the red bottom of Riley, which will probably get Clare into some trouble since the rumors were about her.

Wicked Female Prefects VIDEO!!!

Schoolgirl Caning – The Wicked Prefects

It’s Susan’s first day at her new school and she is approached by two prefects, Samantha and Georgina who say saw her smoking on the train that brought her there. Wickedly they tell her that they have to report this to the headmaster, Mr. Barton and that he will punish her with a caning on her bare bottom. Not wanting to be sent to the headmaster on her first day the new girl reluctantly agrees to be punished by the girls themselves.