Spanking Stories

The following spanking stories are available as PDF downloads for just £1.00 each.

A Glow For Angelo
Personal Coaching
The Academy
Lucky Bottom
Holiday Jobs
Will Susan Ever Learn
A Tale of Domestic Discipline
Spanking With Nikki
Helen’s Confession – A Passion for Punishment
Revenge of a Wasted Youth
Protheroe’s Choice – The Making of a Femme Fatale
The Confessions of a Convent Girl
The Couch – The Punishment Officer Revisited
No Choice But To Chastise Her
The Scapegoat -Winnie’s Punishment Caning
With Friends Like That
Junior Minister
An Extended Visit
Maid For a Day
Unexpected Opportunity
It’s Capital To Be Back
Roseacre Hall
Heads You Lose
The Javelin Thrower
The Caning of Noviciates
An Undergraduate’s Punishments
I Had No Choice
Your Bottom, Your Choice
An Invitation – My Spanking Day With Kane Model Lesley
Abigail’s Confession – My Day With The Builders
A Friend in Need
Lady Caroline’s Liberation – A Tale of Female Domination
Game, Set and Match
The Dull Lecture
Camp Corpun
Dog Days of Summer
Caught on The Net
The Birthday Present
Felicity’s Birthday Treat
Baptism of Fire
Bad Timing
Silk Stockings
The Tutor
Frog March
Hitch Hiker
Man in Authority
Testing The Tool
Vanessa The Slave Girl
Sugar Kane Jane
Pain Indemnity
Open Handed Husband
Punishing Penny’s Posterior
Angie Garfield
Chance Encounter
The Vida Garman Interview
The Teresa May Interview
Erica’s Spanking Confession
Down In The Forest Something Stirred – The Adventures of Mandy Bait
The Clinic
Neighbourhood Watch
Susie’s Sapphic Spanking Confession
Heads And Tails – Poetic Justice for Miss Smith
Dress And Discipline – The Games Couples Play
A Judicial Caning in Saudi Arabia
The Hit Man
An Informal Gathering In The Dormitory
Red Marks
Audrey’s Diary – Real Life Spanking – Clever Trevor
Then Along Came Fred – A Continuation of Mandy Bait
Crossing The Lines
A Spanking For Sandra
Toni Takes Six
Keyhole Kate
Peut-étre, Peut-étre Pas
Pat’s Rather Painful Experience
A True Submissive
A Day in the Life of Brenda Masters
Felicity’s Revenge
First Night Nerves
The Punishment Office
The Spanking Party
The Sting
A Bachelor’s Story
An American Spanker in Britain – Tales of the Woodshed
Wheeling And Dealing – A Kane Short Story
Wheeling And Dealing

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